To determine your needs and how we can best meet them, we start with a complimentary consultation.

Although each client’s needs vary, we believe there are three basic tenets underlying all effective communication, and we will work with you to develop your skills by building on this foundation.

speaking rooted in The 3 C's



Know yourself and know your audience

Know yourself: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your natural way of communicating? What is your comfort level? What works with your personality? We will work together to find the communication skills most suited to you and the techniques that will help you connect with others in a comfortable, natural and effective manner.

Know your audience:  We will explore your potential audiences and arenas of speaking and devise the most useful ways for you to make and maintain that essential connection with them. 



Communicate excellent content with comfort and confidence.

What is your theme?  What do you want to communicate? Every successful conversation, presentation, speech, client meeting, phone call, personal interaction or media appearance has an overriding theme. You create and control that theme. We’ll help you develop that content, bring it to life and help you prepare to deliver it. Content and preparation are key.  



Conquer any fears and tell your story with comfort, ease and emotion.

Whether you are a comfortable presenter and just need to add some polish or dread speaking in front of people, you can learn to feel confident and even enjoy presenting to an audience.