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Laurie Gilbertson is a former prosecutor, television legal analyst and legal educator who formed Tribeca Blue Consulting to bring her unique skills and passion for teaching to help professionals communicate better.  She achieves this by combining her lawyer’s attention to detail, the insider’s tips and tricks she learned during a decade spent in New York City courtrooms and the expertise she gained while helping the nation’s top attorneys and judges develop and present compelling material. Her diverse background and unique skills make her a trainer unlike any other and make Tribeca Blue different from other companies.

Presentations, sales calls, pitch meetings…

We can help.

Do you want to speak more clearly, confidently and persuasively in professional situations?  

Do you want to harness the power and potential of your unique voice?  

Do you want to communicate more effectively? 

We can help.

You communicate every day in your daily life.  

You already have the foundation to be a powerful communicator.  

We will help you develop the tools you need to build on that foundation and truly thrive in every form of communication.

Tribeca Blue Consulting will teach you the tools to close the deal, pitch the client and win new business, motivate your team and inspire your audience. 


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laurie gilbertson

FOUNDER | CEO | coach | trainer | speaker

Laurie Gilbertson is a dynamic, passionate and poised communicator, whether in the courtroom, the classroom or on television. After a successful legal career encompassing criminal prosecution, government service, media appearances and non-profit work, Laurie formed Tribeca Blue Consulting to bring her unique brand of enthusiasm, dedication and skill to teaching people how to use powerful and creative presentations, public speaking and on-camera appearances to connect with their clients and their audiences.

Laurie loves the intellectual challenge of persuasion, advocacy and education. She is a former prosecutor who relished the courtroom experience and the opportunity to do justice for victims and their families when prosecuting homicides, organized crime, sexual assaults and violent felony cases during her ten years in the District Attorney’s Office in New York City. She translated that extensive trial experience into creative and comprehensive on-air TV legal analysis for national and local media outlets. After some time spent litigating white collar and financial crimes, Laurie transitioned into the non-profit sector, where she created, produced and presented litigation courses with the Practicing Law Institute, the top legal education organization in the country.

Laurie studied Government and English at Cornell University, where she wrote features for the Cornell Daily Sun and honed her public speaking by delivering hourly news updates on the campus radio station. After graduating cum laude from the Washington College of Law at American University, where she handled full criminal case dockets as a student attorney, Laurie clerked for two federal judges in Washington, D.C. She is licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and the bars of the States of New York, Colorado and Maryland.

Laurie is a transplanted New Yorker currently living in Denver with her family, where she enjoys the adventure of raising three energetic children.